Volunteer Tutor

Purpose: to support the academic needs of a young person

Volunteers will;

  • Enhance academic skills of a young person
  • Enhance engagement in educational opportunities of a young person
  • Enhance social support to a young person

Position Summary:

Volunteers generally engage in weekly visits with a young person. Visits are approximately 2-3 hours on evenings and/or weekends for a minimum of one year.

Activities include;

  • Identifying factors leading to academic challenges with worker and family
  • Identifies activities to address factors impacting young person’s academics
  • Working with a young person on social and academic goals to improve school performance
  • Developing a long-term relationship with a young person
  • Acting as a reliable adult support and role model
  • Supporting goal-setting, life skills development,  and problem-solving skills
  • Working as a volunteer member on a professional service team
  • Planning/attending  social, creative, recreational, educational activities with young person
  • Participating in social activities with other special friends and tutors

Tutors facilitate the well-being of children by enhancing protective factors including academic performance and by establishing a committed supportive relationship.


  • Tutoring experience preferred
  • Understanding of child development and appropriate academic activities
  • Understanding of social factors that may impact academic performance
  • Understanding of basic pedagogy for children and youth
  • Strong academic planning, monitoring and evaluation skills with young people
  • Good social skills, independent work skills, communication skills, problem-solving skills, personal resiliency, life stability, emotional maturity
  • Able to foster relationships under challenging circumstances
  • Experience with diverse experiences, lifestyles and perspectives
  • Acts in the interests of the young person and planning activities to meet their needs
  • Determined, positive, responsible, supportive, respectful, productive, and patient
  • Willing to travel around or outside of GTA for visits
  • Ability to maintain relationship if child moves to another residential location
  • Understanding of attachment issues and impact of multiple moves on development

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