Statistics and Reports

Take a closer look at the statistics and reports of the Children's Aid Society of Toronto.


+ Annual Report 2022-2023
+ Strategic Plan 2023-2025
+ Business Expenses and Reimbursement 2022-2023

The Children’s Aid Society of Toronto recognizes in the course of his/her duties, an employee may incur out-of-pocket expenses above and beyond the normal expected expenses due to the nature of his/her employment.

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+ QIP for Financial Year 2020-2021
+ Performance Indicators

The performance indicators (PI’s) project is a province-wide initiative designed to help Children’s Aid Societies measure and monitor the quality of their services.
The child welfare sector of Ontario is committed to using data to continuously improve the services it provides to children and families.

Read more about what “performance indicators” are in the context of child welfare, why they are important, and the next steps in the Performance Indicator Project on OACAS’ website.

Key Performance Indicators