How CAS Toronto Responds

The Children's Aid Society of Toronto works with children and their families when children have been, or are at risk of being, emotionally, physically, or sexually abused or neglected.

The Society also develops and implements child abuse prevention programs. The Society is one of 47 children's aid societies in Ontario, and it is the largest such organization in North America. There are approximately 813 staff, 561 volunteers and 222 foster families at the Society. In 2011/2012, we worked with more than 11,987 families and more than 25,030 children. Additionally, more than 2,393 children were in our care on a short or long term basis during the course of the year. We completed 64 adoptions in 2011/2012 versus 78 in 2010/2011. Eight out of ten children are helped in their own homes.