At Children’s Aid Society of Toronto (CAST), we strive to build strong connections with our colleagues, community organizations and professionals, and the children, youth and families who intersect with our Agency.

Partnerships inside and outside of our Agency allow us to evolve our Service offerings, mobilize our equity strategy, and connect families with resources and networks to overcome obstacles and safely care for their children.

In the Community

At CAST, we’re focused on building partnerships that bridge the gap between our Agency’s Service

delivery and the range of supports families need to resource themselves and keep their children safe. As advocates and voices of the diverse populations we serve, our Service partners allow us to connect families with culturally-safe support and trusted networks from and within their own respective communities.

Our community partnerships help connect clients with identity and culturally-relevant services where they are better supported in their communities. Services and resources include, but are not limited to:

  • Individual, family or group counselling
  • Connections to employment services
  • Emergency shelter/housing services
  • Youth mentorship
  • Child care
  • Mental health resources
  • Parenting support
  • Food supports and more

Resources, Programs and Partnerships Hub

This information is also shared with staff via our intranet on a mini site for “Community Resources, Programs and Partnerships”. These resources are aggregated with the most updated resources available to CAST clients and employees. To share any community resources, programs or services please send an email to communityresources@torontocas.ca.

Building an Equity Lens from Within

With more than 750 staff members, we have internal positions, processes and programs that allow us to deliver on our mandate of supporting children, youth and families utilizing an equity lens. We have unique roles across our Agency that provide further expertise and specialized supports for our staff, clients and communities.

Current areas of focus:

Anti-Black Racism Practice Integration Leads

Our Service staff are supported by Anti-Black Racism Practice Integration Leads who provide leadership in addressing issues of disparity and disproportionality that impact Service delivery to Black children, youth, and caregivers. Leads partner with our Service staff through consultation to identify systemic barriers in our work and facilitate interventions that lead to better outcomes for Black families. The individuals in these positions are also responsible for leading the promotion of our ongoing commitment to and mitigating anti-Black racism and anti-oppressive practices, as well as our equity approaches to child welfare with Black communities. Learn more about our Anti-oppression policy and Community Advisory Committee here.

Indigenous Practice Integration Lead

Our internal Indigenous Practice Integration Lead is responsible for providing oversight to our Agency’s services for Indigenous families and partnership with Native Child and Family Services of Toronto. This position will help build our Agency’s capacity to support families by better understanding and focusing on Indigenous ways of being and how they can impact our approach and can be integrated into service delivery. Through ongoing monitoring and analysis of our services, the role also provides recommendations and insights to support our Agency in keeping accountable to our Truth and Reconciliation commitments and processes. Learn more about our Truth and Reconciliation efforts here.

Out & Proud Program

Our dedicated Out & Proud Program staff partners with Service staff to develop strategies and highlight planning considerations for working with families who identify as 2SLGBTQ+. This is done primarily through case consultations and sharing resources to staff related to protective factors, coming out, gender transition and family rejection/ambivalence to assist with supporting children, youth and caregivers. Learn more about our Out & Proud Program here.

Volunteer Services

Our mission on the topics of volunteerism is to continue to develop plans to support children and families within their community by their communities. Our volunteer program understands the range of unique characteristics of those serviced by CAST and works diligently to involve and support volunteers to perform to the best of their abilities, as well as to assist families in accessing the range of programs and services provided. Some of these programs include the Children’s Transportation Centre, Family Access Program, and mentoring and tutoring supports. Learn more about our Volunteer Services here.

Canada's Best Diversity Employer 2022

Children’s Aid Society of Toronto was again recognized as one of Canada’s Best Diversity Employers for 2022. This title recognizes employers across Canada who have exceptional workplace diversity and inclusiveness programs. The award reflects on the work we have done, and continue to do, inside and outside of our Agency to enhance and evolve our equity practice. Learn more about Careers at Children’s Aid Society of Toronto here. Learn more about current career opportunities here.

Racialized and Indigenous Mentorship Program

Our Racialized and Indigenous Mentorship Program is designed to support the professional development, growth and career trajectory of racialized and Indigenous staff seeking to attain supervisory positions. Mentees have shared that the experience provided them with an opportunity to practice self-reflection, build confidence and engage in networking and job preparation.