CAS Toronto Encouraging Families to Prepare Pandemic Emergency Plans

Encouraging Families to Prepare Pandemic Emergency Plans News Header

As the pandemic persists and Ontario remains in lockdown, we are strongly encouraging primary caregivers to plan ahead in case COVID-19 requires them to seek hosptialization and/or impedes their ability to care for their children or youth. By preparing a ‘Pademic Emergency Plan’ families will ensure that their children and youth have a dedicated support network in place should they no longer be able to stay safely in their home.

To build this Pandemic Emergency Plan, families should write down a list of emergency caregivers including their name, address, telephone number and other contact details and put it in an accessible location for potential hospital staff or child welfare workers. Once you have identified these caregivers, discuss with them your child’s needs and routine including any instructions and considerations for food allergies, medical conditions or special needs. If your child is old enough, we also encourage you to review the plan with them as well.

Be sure to inform your family’s pediatrician, hospital care team and/or respite or care nurse providers about your plan and give them your consent to provide medical guidance to your emergency caregivers if needed. We also suggest putting together a bag of essential items the child may need should they be required to change homes.

Should you have any questions about how best to keep children and youth safe during the pandemic, we are here to connect you with the information and community resources you need. Call 416-924-4646 and your call will be answered 24 hours a day/7 days a week.