Getting Started

We are looking for volunteers!

We see a diverse range of volunteers who bring in a wide range of skills. Some possess skills that can be used in working directly with children, youth and or parents, while others offer skills that can be used in working with committees, administrative responsibilities, research, and special events/donation rooms.

We are in need of Tamil and Farsi speaking volunteers, to work with caregivers and their children, downtown or in the west end of the city

There are two types of volunteer opportunities:

Non-Direct Service Volunteer: assist with non-confidential administrative tasks, supporting CAS of Toronto staff during events such as the donation room, special agency events or special projects etc…

Direct Service Volunteer: work directly with children, youth and families (i.e. special friend, mentor, emergency drivers etc), or handle confidential agency information (research, administrative projects etc)

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Please note if you are interested in becoming a direct service volunteer you must be 19 years of age or older, and complete the screening process. You must also commit to a minimum of one year of active volunteering.